Thanks Dad! Fathers Day June 18th

Thanks Dad!  Fathers Day June 18th

Father's Day gifts

Your Dad Would Love A Gift From Us.  What to give Dad that is meaningful for all he has done for you?

We have the typical BBQ items that are current and delicious.  Hot Sauce Too.

BBQ ingredients

Great Flavors from Artisan Producers

And to add to the grilling…a new apron and pot holder and towel as an unexpected gift.

HELLO! Throw away that old one and he will be thankful.

Smoked Salt for finishing…love the Durango Smoke

And if he makes his own rubs…has to have this HOT HOT HOT

Scorpion Salt …the hottest!

Set of 3 rubs that you will use all the time on fish, chicken and beef

Don’t forget the pickles- From Brooklyn and Detroit received new this week.

An array of. Sausages, and Cheddars from Vermont and flaky Italian Tarallini with Fennel

Give him something that he will enjoy with his cocktail to munch on…speaking of which

Drink Encyclopedia plus Olives for your martini and caper berries too for that added touch

Add the hot hot hot to the munchies and pizza…yes drizzle the honey on the pizza for a taste delight

Flight of 4 maple syrups- with recipes to enhance your creativity

This is not your first rodeo for mixing drinks…however adding Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup to your cocktail, as well as any of the above…Hibiscus goes well with Gin and the cinnamon vanilla…oh well…just put them on pancakes.  We have smoked maple syrup too from Sugar Bob as a staple in the store for the additional smoky flavor to your drink as well as a drizzle on baked salmon and ribs.

Denny Mike is back on Friday the 17th to wow you with his cooking and special sauce

Denny Mike on the left, Morry on the right

Raro and Sintonia Madonna Italian Bend Olive Oil

Hot off the press, back from last year, these Tuscan Blends are fantastic.  Fruity, with hints of tomato, artichoke, apple and banana, with a slight pepper at the end, high in antioxidants and perfect for DAD…as a dipping or finishing oil. Or just plain use it every day!  In stock now.

Raro EVOO-Region: Campania, Estate produced.
Varietals: Ravece and Rotondella
Color: Rich gold green- Aroma: Light, Pea-vine
Full bodied. Lingering with a big peppery finish.
This EVOO’s subtle bitterness will bring out the true flavors of the foods it’s drizzled on. Best on bean dishes, steak, soups and bitter greens.

Sintonia EVOO-Region: Campania, Estate produced.
Varietals: Ravece, Rotondella, Carolea and Carpellese.
​Color: Golden green
Full fruity, delicate aroma. Grassy, yet creamy and floral taste.
Best with early spring produce, seafood and in pesto.

So call us to order…we can give you free shipping until Fathers Day Sunday June 18th if you call us…check on line for ideas too.

We are closed on Mondays but will pick up messages on Tuesday morning…we promise!