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We connect our customers with the tastes and flavors of food. We offer our community a personalized experience, introducing them to our favorite food producers, their products and their inspiring stories. We know that good food brings people to the table, and our mission is always to connect you with the best ingredients and the artisans that create them.

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We have a curated selection of the best and freshest ingredients in the marketplace. We treat artisan food products and gift items as an art form, appreciating them for their flavors, creators, and origins. We only carry products that we have tried and absolutely love.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a friend, looking to create a customized gift or just interested in learning more about food flavors and tastes, please become a friend. We carry the highest quality olive oils and vinegars, tapenades, pastas, sauces, cheese, honey, jams, spices and so much more. Come visit us to find your next secret ingredients.

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If you like giving people gifts you know they’ll love, we’re here to help you create a personal, customized gift basket that says, “I know you.” Choose from our pre-selected gift baskets or let us help you create the gift basket you have in mind.

For the sister who is a great cook, for the girlfriend who only wants the best ingredients — organic, gluten free or local — for the family with little kids, for the 10 people in the office that work hard for you, for the business-to-business thank you, for the foodie couple that travels the world… we’ll make the gift that’s just right for them!

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Taste our olive oils and vinegars in the store at our Tasting Bar!

Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Calif

California-Basil leaves are crushed together with Arbequina olives for a resulting award winning fresh, unfiltered premium olive oil with no additives or preservatives, with a natural basil flavor.

Koroneki Private Reserve-Maple Balsamic

Koroneiki Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Generational family groves from Messenia, a region in southwestern Greece known is known for its hot extended summers and mild winters, is perfect for growing olives. Medium Intensity flavor is the aroma of banana, tomato, parsley and green herbs.

Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Calif

This oil uses hand-picked fresh Meyer lemons that are cold pressed within hours of harvest along with the olives. This creates an aromatic lemon olive oil that is extremely smooth and bursting with sweet lemon flavor.

Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Sicily

This olive oil is decisively fruity and has a peppery finish. We refer this as the “Niagra Falls” of flavor. Great for dipping as well as most dishes paired with red wines and red sauces, pasta, legume soups, rich salads, and roasted meats.