Holiday Kick Off Is Now

Holiday Kick Off Is Now

Veterans Day is the Kick Off to the Holiday Season. Its time to start planning your holiday gift giving. Ornaments are in abundance in most stores and inventory is piled high. I prefer to keep the store Fall and Thanksgiving as long as possible as the flavors of cranberry and fig and apricot and turkey make me feel warm and fuzzy. However, we have awesome gifts that are NEW this year. Here is the sneak preview:

Olive Oil Dipping dishes set of 4 in gift box

CJ visiting California olive producers for Olio Nuovo last week – first taste-happy guy

CJ visited 3 of our Olive Oil producers, Seka Hills, Calivirgin, and Bondolio.  We will have all their first day of harvest right off the tree, pressed within hours of picking.  These bottles are a delicacy, for the olive oil connoisseur and a great Thanksgiving hostess gift.

Olio Nuovo from Seka Hills California- Just arrived- picked 3 weeks ago

Ceramic Olive Oil Cruet in gift box

Matching Pasta/Salad Bowl in gift box

Fig Salami for your cheese platter or a great vegan snack

Cranberry Vinaigrette and new flavors of Cranberry Sauce

Organic chocolates from Sicily-Optimism and Youth spices (not shown, Leisure, Health, and Sex)

Sage and Lavender Evergreen Soy Candles-just the right amount of scent- warmth in your home

Back by popular demand, chocolate Biscotti- not too sweet

Marzipan, ordered fresh from Italy-very sweet

Pine Cone Ceramic Dish and Bowl for all occasions

8 Sicilian Cannolis in a great package delicious

Individual cherries in grappa…pop in your mouth explosion

Individual Panettone with candied orange in gift box- cuteness factor

Enamel on steel decorative colander with tray in gift box

Back by Popular Demand Nomes on a Shelf

ARE YOU INSPIRED?  I AM…so call or stop in, as new items are not on the website…

SEE YOU SOON AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING… Enjoy the friendship of family and friends…and thank you for all your support!