What’s Hot-What’s New-What’s In

What’s Hot-What’s New-What’s In

Stop By SoonOur Sandwich Board outside our store when open! 

It’s me, with Jacob Javits, in NYC, at the Fancy Food Show planning Fall and Holiday and tasting until our stomachs ached.  This year, as it is third anniversary since we opened, we know our vendors and love hearing from them what’s new, hot, and on trend.

Themes:  Clean and Simple Recognizable Ingredients.  Superior Quality and Taste.  Interesting flavors and combinations… Protein, Healthy Snacks, Flavored Waters. 

We have many of the Sofi Award Winners already. Here are a few you can buy today!

Organic Tumeric Balsamic Vinegar. Top Seller. Taste it and you will buy it!


Truffle White Beans a top seller. Delicious out of the jar, no prep needed.

Sugar Bob’s Maple BBQ Sauce. Brings out the flavor of the meat- not a mop!

Then here are some products we liked and that you can find in the store later…stay tuned!

Do you know about Black Garlic…heated and aged, delicious for a radish dip and all else.

Chocolates from Sicily. I have been looking for these for two years. Delicious and different.

Honey with nuts, beautiful for gift baskets. From France

Best Olive Oil from Spain, my favorite Hojiblanca. Will come back soon. Award Winner again!

Everything protein is IN!  Red Lentil and Chick Pea pasta is in too.    Have to taste before buying.

Growlers of Olive Oil. Refillable and we will private label with the      Olive Connection Label!

Shrubs, savory and herbal are on trend. Use with our vinegars too. Recipes to follow…be creative.

Pasta from Maine, ingredients grown on a farm. Have to taste this too.

We like to SURPRISE our customers with the UNEXPECTED…with non food items:

Selling like crazy, for olives, tooth picks, and pits.

Swivel Cheese Board with knives. Perfect for a picnic and storage.

Bastille Day is Saturday July 14th. Beam yourself to Paris…Eiffel Tower Towel

And much more to sample from our friends at Olivelle.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog.  I love sharing our excitement with you- our fabulous customers who have become friends and that make our business great.