Some Like it Hot!

Some Like it Hot!

Winter weather may have temporarily disappeared, but it will be back, and we are here to help warm your body and soul with great flavors with HEAT!

Beautiful Colors and Heat with Habaneros, Jalapeños, Serranos, Adobo etc.

Olive Oil with Heat– Try the Hot Flight and experiment!

Citrus Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil-California, Meyer Lemon Oil with a hint of Habanero for a great combination for light dishes. A customer favorite.

Hot Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil-California, Another favorite, Jalapeños are crushed with the olives for this recipe of natural ingredients.  Love this with fried eggs, and as a marinate for grilled vegetables.  All natural.

Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil- California, A perfect intensity of spice and heat, a bit smoky because of the peppers, drizzle on a stew, pizza, stir fry, and all things BBQ. Great color too.

Combine all the above with 25 star dark balsamic vinegar and your have a winner.

Spicy Sriacha White Balsamic Vinegar is Delicious…not as spicy as you might think and so versatile.  Use as dressing for salad, noodles or rice that need an extra kick.  Drizzle over vegetables or meats before roasting.  Deglaze a pan when braising.  Combine with Caramelized Garlic Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil, or Toasted Sesame Oil.  It is a surprise!

Hot Pepper Flakes from Calabria are large and flavorful.

Drizzle Hot Honey on your pizza or ribs for a treat

Red Chili Pasta from Italy is great with any type of sauce or pesto

Mango Habanero Jam on Brie cheese or baked salmon. I like a drop in my salad dressing for sweet and spicy zest.

Hatch, New Mexico is the homeland for chilies and this mustard makes the best turkey sandwich and a glaze for meats and chicken.

Another Hatch, NM, delicacy, use in an omelet, dip with tortilla chips or spread on your favorite sandwich. A different twist.

Trio of Hot Sauces to Choose From…you can love these even if you are not from Mexico.

Every chicken needs some Spanish Hot Pimenton (paprika) to add flavor and smoke.

Olives from Italy brined in spice

Spicy Anchovies won a food award last year- perfect to add to your Sicilian Pasta dish.

Wine Jelly with heat, perfect for a cheese course or meats

And last but not least, the hottest salt, Scorpion, to add to your meat rub.

So you don’t need to have been born in the South to love the foods with gentle to intense heat, just add a beer and you are good to go the distance with a great meal. Experiment and have fun!

Winter is still with us for a few more weeks…so add some heat to the season.