Picnic in the Park-We’ve got the Food

Picnic in the Park-We’ve got the Food

Weekends are for relaxing in the park, bringing food, games, music and just chilling.  If you want casual or fancy, we can provide the necessities.  For every taste!

Do you feel creative? Set this up ahead of time and bring to your feast…sausages, nuts, cheese, olives, and fruit…we have all but the fruit.  Guaranteed to get a ‘WOW’ out of your friends.

An array of crackers, dips and don’t forget the pickles.  Add a baguette and your favorite olive oil for dipping in a small 100 ml size.  No need to schlep large containers.  Lots to choose from…

The picture does not do justice to these insulated totes, simple with red or blue handles…great price too!  And don’t forget a little bit of sweet.  We have new honey straws, perfect for sipping for a blast of sweet energy.

It is so personal on what tastes are appropriate for your picnic.  A recent customer chose this assortment to surprise his girlfriend.

Checklist: 2 year Vermont cheddar, rosemary crostini, olive oil for dipping, dip dish, mixed olives, salmon pate, almonds, cranberry pistachio crackers, harvest fair chutney for the cheese, prosciutto, chocolate tiles, napkins.

All he had to do is buy (next door) ice, grapes, melon, a knife, twist top prosecco wine, cups, and his smiling face.

I wrapped it in a basket and threw in a couple of plastic plates.  We heard she loved it!