America The Beautiful Celebrates

America The Beautiful Celebrates

The 4th of July– Independence Day is the time to celebrate with family and friends and take advantage of the long weekend, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the 4th.   So baking something special, a festive cheesecake with simple fruit decorations, to bring to your party is always appreciated. (You can be equally proud to even buy the cake, and decorate it with red white and blue as a fast alternative.)

Going to a party to watch the fireworks and spend the night?  What to bring?  Start the summer with the Hot Spice Basket of Goodies.

The One Night Stand 

Customer Favorites:  Hot Jalapeno Olive Oil, perfect for grilled corn, drizzle on any grilled vegetables, and fry your eggs for the morning brunch.  The Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce is good on anything, and of course Scorpion Salt can be added to any rub.  Perfect on steak or even burgers.  For those that really like it hot, Chelsea Firemen have made the Wicked Hot Sauce and a portion of the proceeds go to their charity to support the firemen and victims.  And don’t forget sandwiches for the weekend.  Hatch (have you ever in New Mexico, for the Hatch Chili Festival?) chili honey mustard is a good addition and perfect for a pretzel dip for snacking with your favorite brew.  In a gift basket for $50.00 wrapped with great ribbon. Your hosts will love it!

Simple cheese and fruit plates for the grazing table before the fireworks requires the best cheeses.  Lots to choose from, a Shelburne Farm Cheddar is always a favorite as is Berkshire Bloom washed rind cheese.  Make it beautiful with fresh herbs.  The decorations are important for that WOW look.  Add some olives and nuts too…everyone loves to graze. I like almonds with cheese and a variety of olives.  Keep the pits in them, they are more delicious and special.

Invited for 3 nights?  That requires a more special gift…more like $75. Choose products that Everyone can DEVOUR for the weekend.

Devour the Weekend  

Customer Favorites:  Everyone can use coffee.  We have a delicious fresh roast from Bolivia.  Artichoke Bruschetta is loved by everyone.  Add water crackers or pick up a fresh baguette and use the crackers with a cheese.  Our pasta with olives is delicious, and paired with sun dried tomato pesto is always a good choice.  Add shrimp and you have a delicacy.  Choose a great Olive Oil for Dipping in the 200ml size.  We chose for you the Frantoio single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  And spiced pecans can either be a munchie appetizer or add it to your salad, all in a delightful basket that can house magazines or just your keys, wallet or purse. We’ll add a bow and gift card and you will be set to go.

We added some additional sizes of bottles of Olive Oil for more choices.  I know…the picture needs help.  Remember I’m short.

For the Olive Oil and Vinegars you love…we have the 750ml size for the great price of $34.95.  And introducing a new smaller size of 100ml for $8.95.  That way you can buy a few bottles to taste and come back for more in the larger size.  (We are keeping our signature 200 ml ($15.95) and 375 ml ($19.95) as well.)

And we have a new oil that we have been waiting for a space in our store to open up.  Award Winning Frantoio Grove from San Martin, California.  We have Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our signature Olive Connection bottle at our great prices. (Gold Award 2017 from NY, Calif, and Japan)

From the owners: “The olives were hand harvested in November 2016. As each bin filled with olives, they were delivered by tractor to our olive mill, now located on site and milled within minutes of picking!  The professional taster’s comments are: An oil with lots of bright green notes, both in the aroma and taste, having flavors of artichoke, cinnamon, grass, hay straw, and butter.  Experiment freely! Use it on salads of mixed flavorful greens or mixed vegetables.  Perfect at the table for baked potatoes, pasta, tomatoes, rice, hearty soups, boiled beans, cooked vegetables, grilled vegetables or your morning toast!”

Or take a spoonful every morning and you will live to enjoy the fireworks on the 4th when you are 100!