The Strong Flavors of Italy

The Strong Flavors of Italy

New Italian items just arrived that many of you have been asking for.  The front table is full of goodies.

First is the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL from Bitetto, Puglia.  100% OGLIAROLA varietal olives with a fruit forward flavor, intense and balanced, tastes of fresh artichokes, olives and a long lived pleasurable bitterness.  Perfect for dipping and finishing.  Won the Gold Medal in the medium intensity category at the NY International Competition 3 years in a row.

Robust and delicious…many customers come in and want a choice of what is hot from Italy…and this is one is a winner.

One,  very popular with our customers, is Raro from Campania, Italy.  What is interesting about this is the olives are crushed without their pits. Made from Ravence and Rotondella olives it has a subtle bitterness which is good, full bodied and a lingering pepperiness, aroma of pea vine, and and rich gold green color.  We had from Campania previously,  a blend of 4 olives, Ravece, Rotondella, Carolea, and Carpellese.  Full fruity, delicate, grassy yet creamy, Sintonia is a favorite since the beginning,  a tried and true. Both are premium oils, perfect finishing for pasta and soups and the intensity of flavor that is only there in Italy.

And we have a full assortment of truffles…if you are a fan, we have the goods!

We have truffle oil from Italy, both Alba white truffles from Piedmont and black truffles from Abruzzo added to a base of Italian extra virgin olive oil.  We have a California Arbequina oil that has truffles added…both are delicious.  Truffle pesto and truffle sauce…we have truffle honey and truffle salt, all from Italy and also a truffle honey that has a honeycomb from Tennessee.  We have white beans with truffle, and pasta from Italy with truffles and the list goes on…

The Strong Flavors of Italy

I know there are lots of items in this picture, too many to count, but the point is we have Organic Coratina Olive blend in a reusable ceramic art bottle from Puglia that is a stand out and great buy, and and sour cherries in syrup from Italy, perfect for your quick delicious dessert, olive wood coasters from Italy, olive wood olive boats, and a  fruity olive oil from Puglia in a small container as well as a beautiful ceramic olive oil cruet that you can fill with your favorite olive oil.  Oil cans too!

Balsamic Vinegars are wonderful and we have a new 10 year aged from II Pregiato with all the certificates that is delicious with a big piece of parmesan cheese or drizzled on salad or dried fruit as a delicacy. We have Balsamic Pearls, both dark and light, a chef’s delicacy and perfect with goat cheese and also oysters.  And a great buy an Organic White and Dark Balsamic, aged in wood barrels, perfect for any pantry.

And come for pasta, bronze cut and dried for over 24 hours, the shapes are something you see at every corner store in Italy and cannot find them anywhere here.  We have lots of great shapes and if you only eat a small portion you will never get fat.

Come for other items that just hit the shelves.  Chocolate and hazelnut spread made with olive oil, and Sicilian pistachio spread made with olive oil that is perfect to bake with, or just spread on your favorite cookies or shortbread.  More delicacies are coming…so please put us on your list to come a check us out.  Cookies from Italy are coming…

Gift items too…


A favorite from last year, mice cheese knives…gotta have them.  Just arrived!

We are having fun as new items arrive every day and hope you will find shopping with us fun too.

We thank you for your continued support, and hope to see you soon.  Carol, Morry, CJ, and staff- Debbie, Lucy and Elisa