Spice is Nice – New Tastes for Spring

Spice is Nice – New Tastes for Spring

Is it Spring yet?  Sure seems like it, with the weather warm and melting snow.  I’ve been thinking of lamb and asparagus and artichokes, and excited to share new products that just arrived to start you off with new flavor sensations.  It is all about great ingredients!

Lemon Dill Mustard

Everyone that has sampled this in the store has purchased Lemon Dill Mustard.  Dip for crudités, marinade for fish and chicken.  A new product that was introduced by this vendor in January.  How about for artichokes? No need to make mayonnaise from scratch!

Parmesan Dipping Sauce and Garlic Herb Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Made from the finest California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this dipping sauce includes the cheese.  The Garlic Herb Infused Olive Oil is also new and perfect to add spice and flavor while sweating vegetables, drizzling over pasta, or as a bread dip.

Matching dipping dish

Include the Garlic Herb ceramic dipping dish and it is a beautiful hostess gift!

We’ve got the spice!

Requests for Ras El Hanout, my personal favorite.  This blend is hard to make yourself with all the blended spices that need to be toasted to get it perfectly right.  Add to stews, chicken, fish…you name it for the Moroccan flavors. Believed by Moroccans to be an aphrodisiac, therefore is no reason not to sprinkle it on everything. Mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice, mace, ginger, cumin and smells divine. Add to braised meets with preserved lemons for additional complexity of remarkable flavors.

Dukkah is now being served at Tatte, a local shop with on open face sandwich of roasted tomatoes.  The middle eastern flavors are so ‘in’. Egyptians always had plenty of this to sprinkle on bread, slathered on meat as a marinade, and sprinkled on top of hummus.

Greek Yogurt Tzatziki

My personal favorite, Tzatziki, with lamb or just pita.  Cucumbers and Greek yogurt and a TBSP of this already done combination of garlic, lemon, and spice.  Popular across the Mediterranean.

Spice Kit- perfect for travelers

And we have a small pinch pot collection of 12 spices.  Bring it to your next Air B&B, as they can only have salt and pepper there. Not sure how long your spices have been in the cabinet?  Just a little bit of lots of choices to experiment with…and fresh!

Wild Garlic and Bruschetta Spices

Freeze dried fresh herbs now,  before your garden grows.  Add Wild Garlic to sour cream for your baked potato.  T0 the Tomato and Garlic Bruschetta, add hot water and olive oil and spread on a baguette is as fresh as tomatoes from your garden.  And smells like fresh tomatoes too. Not joking!  You will find these as a must have in your pantry. Sprinkle over chicken or seafood or vegetables while roasting. Add to your meatloaf or hamburger before cooking.

New Barrel Aged Balsamic

We are always searching for the best balsamic, affordable and delicious.  Thrilled with new product from the Olivelle line.  Barrel Aged, thick, sweet, and velvety smooth flavor, is amazing on salads, cheese, fruit, meat, and more. It is a rich blend of 80% cooked grape must and premium aged wine vinegar, blended in perfect harmony and then aged up to 10 years in small oak casts.

New Dipping Dishes

Yes I know no one needs more stuff…but these are tiny, and cheap, and I know you will find lots of uses for these little dishes.

Blood Orange Olive Oil, Pomegranate Balsamic, Lime Olive Oil, Aged Dark Balsamic

We made up our own flights in a handy carrying case of our customer’s favorite flavors.  All ready to Grab and Go!  Sutter Buttes makes delicious product and packaging perfect for gifts.

Gift Cards

We are not a card shop, but found this watercolor artist in San Francisco.  She lives in Walnut Creek and these are her eco-friendly maple wood greeting cards. Images are printed in vibrant colors from the original paintings. Frame them or just lean them on your window sill, or write a message on the back to a special friend. Beautiful carrots, tomatoes, and lemons can add to your collection.

And here is the unexpected!  Cultured butter 86% butterfat.  Yes it has salt crystals so it is more shelf stable, but once you have this you will only indulge in butter when it is this good.  Less water makes it perfect for flaky pie crusts, and all your baking needs.  Butter is a trend.  Can’t live without it!  Take after Julia Child…she loved her butter.


Our Sale is still going on!

Award Winning Brands on sale too!  (penguin is confused with global warming)

Made this last week, beets roasted with apricot balsamic, blood oranges, nuts, and balsamic glaze. Could not resist to show these spectacular colors.

Dinner to Go from Rifrullo continues for Thurs thru Sat…we will keep in stock the favorites, vegetarian eggplant tagine, chicken dumpling soup, and bolognese.  This week we are adding gluten free mini nut loaves. Perfect for thinly sliced and toasted with cheese or butter.

Come on by for a visit…and enjoy the warm weather. Our door will be open wide for fresh air!