Portuguese Olive Oil

Portuguese Olive Oil

Azeite Esplendido

Duoro Valley

October 2019 we had the pleasure of visiting Jorge, Enrique, Ana, and their family in Portugal. The location is near the Duoro Valley, hilly and dry with hearty olive trees. Beautiful location. We were greeted with a feast and over the top hospitality. Our driver was the interpreter, and we shared information through him with a warmth and appreciation on both sides.

Feast of local cheese and grilled meats

The family is so proud of the process and was animated to describe the care they use to hand pick the olives, and press the olives producing their award winning olive oil. Their state of the art presses in this rural area also services the surrounding olive grove producers. The trees were lush and abundant with olives. One could get lost in the miles of olive trees on this steep terrain.

At the time of harvest, the trucks line up and it is a 24 hour operation that results in a party. Sofas are set up in the barn, the fire is going to cook the meats, wine is flowing and conversation is loud. We were a few weeks too early, as they are in the northern region of Portugal and pick later than the south…picking was going to start in November. Our imaginations were running wild as we pictured ourselves included in this party.

The family has a small store that sells their honey, tapenades, spreads, and special cheeses. Cured meats are also available and they were generous to give us so much to take back with us.

They made bouquets of flowers for all the women in our group. When we left the workers surprised us and picked a bushel of peaches to take back with us too. Such a sweet gesture.

The weather was glorious, full sun and warm. We had a wonderful afternoon with the family, our friends, our driver, and guide.

“At Esplendido Douro we pick our blend of 4 olives at their optimum ripeness to produce a rich and fruity extra virgin olive oil with a supreme taste, perfect balance and harmony.” Testimonial

It is of the worlds exceptional extra virgin olive oil, produced and bottled at a single estate in the historic Tras-os-Montes region of the Douro Valley, Portugal. Prized for it’s aroma and richness of flavor, Esplendido Douro has won gold medals for best in class. The unique rocky terrain with the diverse climate in this protected growing area is ideal for growing olives. “We have cultivated olives here for 400 years. That’s experience!” The golden green oil is exceptionally fragrant with a spicy peppery finish.The secret ingredient to every dish.

“We are a company that represents quality, authenticity, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and we celebrate healthy lifestyles. We are committed to the Douro Valley growers, promoting the region’s unique growing conditions, rigorous standards and sustainable practices. Azeite Esplêndido will not violate, adulterate, or alter this premium quality product.”

We are thrilled to have their olive oil delivered to us now and welcome you to come into the store to have a taste. Guaranteed to delight. You will leave with a bottle for sure!