Our One Year Anniversary – Thank You!

Our One Year Anniversary – Thank You!

Last Year, August 4th, 2015 was our opening day; the excitement was the highlight of our hard work paying off with a pretty neat store.  There was ribbon cutting, photo of our first customer, celebratory hugs. We were happy and honestly could not have done anything better. Our friends, (thankfully we have many) were our first customers and they spread the word.  Our staff was jazzed and we opened with a team effort.  The contractors were happy, finally, that we were satisfied…we drove them crazy with the details.  Transforming the raw space to our beautiful store was worth it when our customers said, “This store makes me happy”!

Our store evolves with more product

Our store evolves with more product and creativity

Now a year later, August 4th, 2016 we reflect on the Top 5 things that make us proud:

  1. Our family working together and being close to each other every day.  Family meetings are now business meetings.  We each have our jobs, evolving as to what we like to do and get the most satisfaction.  Wasn’t it the whole point?  Doing something together?
  2. We love when our customer says to us, “this is a dangerous place”. The neighborhood support has been fantastic.  Everyone wants us to successful.  We have old friends and now many new friends.  Returning customers give us joy.  One lady comes in and buys crackers every week.  One fellow gets off the train and buys a baguette twice a week.  “I saw you from the T and had to come in.”  “I found a parking spot finally and had to stop”  Love that!  And they buy gifts for each other from our store!
  3. We started with ‘tastings’ together with our family and friends. They helped us decide what to carry, and now we are listening and learning from our customers who tell us what they like and suggest new products.  We have fabulous customers who appreciate the tastes and flavors of food and its a thrill when ‘they like our stuff”!
  4. Working with our vendors who are so proud of their craft.  Food is personal, and the people we are meeting at food shows, competitions, and markets are the nicest people in the world. A year later they are happy for us and educate us.  We travel to far away places to meet them in their olive groves and why not…isn’t that the whole point? We shop our competitors too of course.  See what they are up to and gather ideas from everyone.
  5. Every week taking on new responsibilities of food ordering, working with vendors, leaning something new every week.  It’s exciting!  Keeping our inventory straight, and now a year later preparing for a fall and holiday season is a challenge.  We still don’t know what to expect and hope to be surprised, but we will have a bigger plan than last year to know what we are doing. This keeps us busy, learning.  It’s fun and a challenge wrapped up in one.

To express our appreciation and “Thank You” to our customers for making our 1st Year Anniversary possible we are offering:

20% Discount on our ‘Olive Collection’ Oils and Vinegars for the month of August. 

Coupon code ‘ANNIVERSARY’ to use ‘online‘ for 20% discount for the month of August.

So stock up… We appreciate your business and want you to feel it is your store too!

We are raffling a gift basket full of goodies, $125 value, when we have your e mail address. Share it with others on social media and you can have multiple entries too.  Good Luck!  Drawing Sept 1st.

Carol-gift box expert

Carol-gift box expert

Morry- selling expert

Morry- selling and pouring expert

CJ- salesman at events

CJ- expert salesman at events

Debby- knows the neighborhood

Debby- neighborhood expert

Ione-expert in design

Ione-expert in design

Our small and mighty crew!  We look forward to seeing you in the store.