Happy Thanksgiving-Fall Flavors to Delight

Happy Thanksgiving-Fall Flavors to Delight


What to bring for Thanksgiving as a hostess gift?

We have the perfect selections to delight the hostess. Try Olivo Nuovo from California. This is the first oil taken from the press and packaged beautifully, unfiltered, and to be used up quickly. Known for its peppery finish, the first shipment of 12 sold out in a week and we just received more from Rio Bravo in the Pentolino varietal. From Enzo, also California, their Arbequina EVOO also arrived in their signature bottle. Here is a video that describes the process. Worth the time to watch.


If YOU are the hostess, we have suggestions from our delicious assortment of products. Thanksgiving is when many families want the same thing every year…tradition…but don’t be afraid to add more flavor to your favorite recipes.

Baste your turkey with Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  A healthy alternative and still great!  Add to the stuffing Rosemary EVOO, and Green Apple Balsamic Vinegar.


I always make the Silver Palate recipe of Wild Rice and this year will add Walnut Oil.  The Saveurs brand from France is delicious and not one you see everywhere. The Squash Soup that I make every year I am adding Stoger Organic Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil and Styrian Pumpkin Seeds to finish with a dollop of creme fraiche.  Last year it was yummy and beautiful.  I also added some lobster…because why not!


If you serve it in mini individual pumpkins you will get the WOW factor!


Added to the assortment is Champagne Mimosa Vinegar for oysters.  Chop finely a bit of shallots and use as a dip for fresh oysters.  No more red cocktail sauce for us!

The olive harvest around the world is coming to a close.  Here are 3-30 second clips from the beautiful Koura region of North Lebanon which has the best soil and climate for olives.  We sell this EVOO as it is our go-to every day versatile oil. Many of the fine restaurants in Boston use it too.   Just click on the links:

Where it all Begins – The Olive Harvest

IMG_0222 – Olives to the Stone Press

The Next Step

And one more thing…we saw Giada De Laurentiis last week at the launch of her new cookbook. She said there are 4 ingredients that you need in your kitchen to bring out the flavors of your food…we have them all:

Smokey Parmentaon, Herbs de Provence, Red pepper flakes, and a citrus sea salt

Smokey Sweet Pimenton, Herbs de Provence, Red Pepper Flakes, and a citrus sea salt.


We have so much to be thankful for…family and good friends and our health.  We celebrate Thanksgiving with the same group of friends for 35 years.  Now it is generational!  Two Turkeys…as any good retailer knows… ONE TO SHOW AND ONE TO GO! 

Happy Thanksgiving to All…we are grateful to our family and friends for all the support you have given us with our new store and thank you to all our new friends who have been generous in their support as well. Have a great holiday.  And start shopping!