Winter Storm Warnings-we’ve got the goods!

Winter Storm Warnings-we’ve got the goods!

Get off the Green Line T at Summit and come on by…We are trying something new that I think you will enjoy.  Partnering with Chef and Owner Colleen Suhanosky of Rifrullo Cafe in Brookline, (across Rt 9), we are offering her MEALS TO GO! 

BOLOGNESE– Simple and Good!  Pork, lamb, and beef oven simmered.  Finish with cream or pasta water for a lighter touch.  Makes a perfect meal paired with our artisan pasta and of course wine.  Add a Clearflour baguette and you are good to go!

CHICKEN DUMPLING SOUP– Homemade at its finest.  Many servings, nourishing chicken broth fortified with carrot, celery and dumplings.  Yummm

EGGPLANT TAGINE– Moroccan flavors for a perfect vegan meal with quinoa or rice or a condiment with roasted meat.  We have the grains you can pair with this too!

Starting TODAY, and every Thursday we will be offering these delicious meals…Thurs, Fri, and Sat….come on by…today we will be open 11-7…who said there would be a snowstorm?

Love the T Shirt…Make America Healthy Again!

New Items are starting to arrive: Only in California would be the tongue in cheek fun T shirt at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  Lots of new products that we hope you will enjoy.

New Artisan Vinegars from California

Santa Rosa Plums with many basil varieties make this vinegar a key for marinades and to splash on your favorite vegetables.

Winter Ambrosia has a combination of pear and cinnamon and apple and a perfect digestive with hot water or sparkling…not to mention the spinach salad with fruit.

Mole with Mexican chocolate for the perfect marinade, and just plain fun…for those that collect vinegars, and there ARE those people…this is a must!

New Cocktail Accessory Category

Many requests this holiday season for additions to cocktails.  Here is just the beginning.

Olives marinated in citrus, with aperol and prosecco…they are delicious. For your martini…

Caperberries marinated in prosecco, for an antipasto or again for your cocktail…they are sweet and scrumptious. And have a long stem to grab.

Amarina Cherries…dark, small, and different…in syrup that you can also use topping your panna cotta, or on ice cream.  I like them on an old fashion cocktail!   This is just the beginning of our assortment…stay tuned!

Artisan Chocolates from San Francisco made with Olive Oil

Who said bitter is better?  Better with sea salt…and now not only the 81% which we have always had, but with the lighter version of 68% cacao.  We have tiles too, 2×2 in various flavors:  burnt caramel, sesame toffee, smoked almond, ginger,bittersweet topped with sea salt. A small piece of chocolate daily is great for your health.

Valentines Cookies

From Jackie and Laurie at Trill, straight from the oven, our favorite cookies, Earthquakes.  I guarantee you will be back for more.  We have shortbread hearts for valentines day too…not too sweet, just right. And we always have their famous Beezcotti too.

Taste is better than the picture-sorry…


Cheese Knives

Can’t resist new serving items…always necessary and you never have enough…this is a set that is a must in your hostess collection…as well as new boards made of a combination of materials.

Light as a feather and easy to clean and store

More food and accessories are coming…carefully selected.  We only buy for you what we love and would put in our home.

As the feature olive picture signifies, we are getting new olive mixtures in as we are learning about the varieties, brined with fennel and other herbs to make olives special, natural, and delicious.  From France, Spain, and of course Italy…mixing it up to keep us all interested.

Monthly Events are in the planning stages.  Hope to see you soon.  Thank you for coming on by.

Carol, Morry and CJ