Savannah Bee Company


Carol had a large bottle of Tupelo Honey in her cupboard, given to her as a hostess gift last year. She loved the honey. When we saw the Savannah Bee Company booth at the Fancy Food Show we realized how large a company it was, how the bees are loved, and that their expanded product line was fabulous. Having tasted honey from around the world the Savannah Bee Company product is one of our customer favorites.

Savannah Bee Company began as a small 50 beehive passion of Ted, the owner/founder. He was intimately involved with every stage of the process from working hives to labeling bottles. It wasn’t too long before her product and reputation far exceeded what could produce.

Over the last twelve years she has built a network of fantastic beekeepers who have become the best at producing the type of honey he wants to produce. They are a group of hardworking craftsmen and women that make him proud. It is a team effort.

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Tupelo Honey is the gold standard by which all other honeys are measured. For two weeks every spring, White (Ogeche) Tupelo Trees in the Southeastern swamps bloom with fine sunburst-shaped flowers that glisten with nectar. Tupelo Honey has buttery undertones and a mellow, clean-finishing sweetness. It’s like a thick, slow-moving river of liquid sunshine. Tupelo Honey complements a variety of foods but it’s so delicious, we like it best just by the spoonful. KSA Kosher Certified

As pure and raw as it gets, local Wildflower Honey is collected from White Holly, Gallberry, Sawtooth Palmetto, and Tulip Poplar.  The flavor depends on the remote Georgia wildflower blossoms and the whimsy of the bees.  This bright golden honey is rich and luscious, making it the perfect topping to a peanut butter and banana sandwich or a steamy latte.  A perfect gift, elegant and sweet in the Wildflower Classic Flute.

Savannah Bee spins together crystallized honey and aromatic cinnamon, forming a smooth and irresistible delicious Cinnamon Honey.  Stir this honey into coffee, hot toddies, or other warm beverages for that extra “zing”.  Spread Cinnamon Honey on warm toast for an instant cinnamon roll or add to your favorite honey recipes.  Or eat off the saloon.  Whipped Cinnamon Honey is a delightful and healthy treat!