Progress Takes Time

Progress Takes Time

Olive Connection | Shopping in Brookline MAI’ve been busy, thus the lag time in writing my blog. Everyone said our timing to open beginning June was too aggressive…and now I know why. Takes more time than we envisioned. We are a month delayed.

The good news is we have time to to show the space to our friends, whose opinions we trust, to give their ideas and suggestions and brainstorm. Here is Alan and Pam, (architect, developer, designer and artist) and hubby Morry in front of our store…the sign is creating interest and curiosity.

Sub Contractors are busy and moonlight…where are they I ask??? Electricians, plumbers, and guys to hang the ducts?

Olive Connection for Speciality Foods in Brookline MA

I’m confident this is GOOD LUCK and also an interesting coincidence. There are 4 MARCELLOS working on our small store:

Marcello (Italian) the landlord-Marcello (Brazilian) the carpenter-Marcello (Spanish) the painter- and Marcello (nickname Marcel Italian) building the store fixtures. They all pronounce their names according to their country. And when we speak about them we include their trade to be clear who we are talking about.

And we change our mind…yes its a women’s prerogative and WE drive the ‘men’ crazy. My architect is a woman too and lets no stone unturned! So happy I found her. Sandra Fairbank is her name. We are having fun.

Everything is ordered…light tracks and chandeliers, reclaimed white oak selected for counters, marmolium for display windows and floor, sealant for basement floor determined. The store fixtures are going to be cool…a combination of new and old, zinc and steel, light and dark wood. Contemporary and warm.

We found a skylight when we took up the existing ceiling to the studs. Should we reinstate this or not?…$$$kaching, kaching. Maybe we can do this later, but we will light it, and paint something fancy in it…will wait ’til we sell stuff. It’s on the possibility list for future projects.

Olive Connection for Speciality Foods in Brookline MA


We also found fire brick around the perimeter which we had cleaned up and now will be visible. Will add some warmth. And will sound insulate the walls so the owners of the Russian bookstore next to us will not be upset when we play rock and roll. Want to keep everyone happy, especially the Russians. CJ found a box of vinyl in our attic and ordered a turn table…blast from the past. Earth Wind and Fire/Rolling Stones, etc. The city block we are in is a bit gritty…which I like…not too fancy.

Olive Connection for Speciality Foods in Brookline MA | Build Out

The product is 80% ordered and coming into our house. I know the Fed Ex and UPS and Postal guys are wondering what we are up to. The assortment is categorized for the merchandising plan that we will work on now. They are: Fusti oils and vinegars, tasting bar, award winners, honey, tea, BBQ, spices, tapenade, olives, condiments, sauces, pasta and all things for charcuterie. We taste everything and vote. And ask our friends to taste and if they would pay X for this.

There will be gifts, some beauty products and searching out local vendors. We will have fresh baguettes every morning. And I can do whatever comes to mind…maybe bring in a bucket of fresh basil one day… or micro greens…just because I can!

Speciality Foods in Brookline MA

So I am telling my family…NO INJURIES…we have to be fit to STOCK/SCHLEPP/UNLOAD TRUCKS. We have only a few weeks to be ready so here is what I am going to start to do…Regular plank to start, then side plank. Forget the rest days!

Plank Challenge



Still finding time to have lunch with friends, cook and enjoy life…and explore creative food purveyors and retailers that have their brand packaged in a way that have thought of everything creative and design worthy.

My favorite new find is M.GEMII have bought now 3 pairs of shoes from them. My friend Rachel Solomon is one of the key marketers/designers of this new brand. The product is outstanding and the packaging beautiful. Handcrafted shoes in Italy at an affordable price. They are made in many of the same factories of high end brands you know. They also give you a bag to #makesomeroom & Do Some Good and donate a pair of shoes in your closet to help a woman achieve economic independence Check it out…

Screen-Shot-2015-05-17-at-8_58_17-AM-210x210 Screen-Shot-2015-05-17-at-8_58_45-AM-210x210Screen-Shot-2015-05-17-at-9_01_24-AM-210x210

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