Happy New Year and Sweet Valentine Wishes

Happy New Year and Sweet Valentine Wishes

Bear Naming Contest with 3 winners- Ollie The Bear

Happy New Year to all of our customers. Thank you for your support this holiday season.   I checked…we can say ‘Happy New Year‘ through the end of January and still be appropriate.  We have been very conscious of not clogging your e mails…so hope to have interesting information every time we post a blog.  The bear from Brookline Ice and Coal was awesome.  They are a generational family business and we’re happy to support them.  ‘Ollie The Bear‘ was a conversation starter, traffic stopper, photo opportunity, and lots of stroking and even tongue licking…until the January thaw hit when it fell over and melted. We will have an ice sculpture again next year, as it was fun for us too!

Award Winning Picual Olive OIl from Spain

So now it is fun to think ahead of what is new and perfect to celebrate Valentines Day.  We have chocolates and sweets.

Happy Valentines Day

Italian Sweet Bars as well as Goats Milk Caramels and Fudge-add the Penguin for fun

Hot Chocolate on a stick

January is for healthy eating…we have snacks that are perfect for waistline slimming down

Crispy Citrus Snacks

Sardines that are to die for…really?

Did you know the CEO and Founder of Patagonia has sardines and crackers and an apple every day for lunch?

We have freshly ground Valverde Bolivian Coffee and Granola from Vermont, Organic, No sugar, salt, wheat, or dairy. Back Roads Food Company has granolas chocked full of delicious nuts, maple syrup and grains.

Heathy Benefits of Olive Oil Daily- heart, cancer, inflamation prevention, high in antioxidants

Tea and Honey

Cinnamon Honey to add to steeped black tea or toast

Raw Honey…Vermont, the dark late harvest is high in antioxidants

We have tea from Mem Tea-great flavors both caffeinated and herbal…combining tea with natural honey warms the body this winter

Add a sweet treat with your tea-olive oil added-YUMMY

Making soup-is a great addition

Winter is for a pot of soup that is perfect for lunch or dinner…and add some pasta with your vegetables and stock

Adding these small Tortellinis reminds us of Italian Wedding Soup

Organic, Early Harvest, Nocellara from Sicily Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The new harvest 2016 is starting to come in and our first addition from Europe is from Sicily… more delicious than last year. The Italian harvest had a smaller yield because of climate factors.  We were thrilled to have this olive oil as the first 2016 harvest.

SALE ITEMS  January is sale time and we have great discounts on your favorite vinegars…all delicious, but we have to move on to bring in new items for our customers.

We are going to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco end of the month, and hope to find items that you requested this season. Our event schedule is coming out soon too.  Stay tuned.  I guarantee we will continue to make it fun and interesting. Happy Cooking!