California Olive Harvest 2018-CJ’s Trip

California Olive Harvest 2018-CJ’s Trip

First Stop CALIVIRGIN, in Lodi, California.

I met with owners Julie and Mike Coldani at their olive grove in Lodi for the harvest the first week of November.  They have a wonderful store and tasting room when you arrive.  Julie gave me a tour of the olive groves and then took me to meet her husband Mike, who is the head miller.  I was able to see the freshly picked olives during the weighing of their yield, then olives are dumped into the bin to take away the sticks and leaves.

After taking away the sticks and leaves, the olives are transported into a washing area, and inspected by hand for last minute sticks and leaves before washing before crushing.  Then olives are crushed for flavored and non-flavored oils. It was neat to see starting from the beginning to the finished process.  We then moved to where the olive oil begins to be made, at the end, where you get to see the freshest olive oil poured and put into storage. The last station is filtering the oil. Olio Nuovo is non-filtered and ready to be bottled.  The family is truly proud of what they accomplish with the best oil every harvest.

Here are the pictures and descriptions.  Truly an amazing site.

Freshly picked olives

Shaking out the sticks and leaves through the grates 


Clean olives ready to be crushed

Mike Inspecting with last minute hand picking out stick and leaves 

Fresh Oil First ready to be bottles and unfiltered 

C.J. happy to have a first taste

Oil in stainless steel tanks to be stored

Olio Nuovo   The real deal!  Unfiltered 
Delicious… and it is truly this color and a taste treat!

We have the bottles at our store now, fresh off the tree. Use this freshest oil within 3 months for the best flavor.

Thank you Julie and Mike for a great tour and first stop on our trip of California adventure.

For retail sales-500 ml Clear Bottle of unfiltered Olio Nuovo now available for sale at the store.  The clear bottle is special as it shows the color and cloudiness as the First Cold Press.  Call or come in to reserve for a special holiday gift.

See you at the store.  C.J.