BUSINESS GIFTS-Time to make your list

IMG_5016Corporate Gift Giving‘ seems to me an old term,  impersonal and shall I say, corporate.

I prefer the term Business Gifts…a time to thank your customers, your clients, your employees,  for their support to your business, and to you.

Gift Giving  is  personal!  Selecting the right gift for each person in your business is meaningful.  We like giving gifts that people use up.  Therefore giving food is what we do, it is personal, delicious, enjoyable, fun, and we can help you with that!!!  Plan now with us and avoid the stress.

Gift Basket wrapped with bow.

Gift Basket wrapped with bow. Award winning olive oil and vinegar, pate, spices, olives, fig jam, olive spoon. All in beautiful bottles.  The ‘look’ counts.

French extra virgina olive oil, cheese and marble board, with serving dish.

French olive oil, cheese and marble board, spreader and  serving dish.

Breakfast sets are popular.

Breakfast sets are popular. Award winning jam, tea, honey, olive wood honey dipper, red tin basket

Olive OIl of your choice and olive cracker dish.

Olive Oil of your choice packaged in a decorative olive cracker dish.


Any price point is available…choose our favorite products to give to your friends too.

Teacher gifts, and those special people that are always there for you.


JUST ARRIVED: OLIO NUOVO Olive Oil from the fall harvest from California…straight from the tree. This delicacy is from Rio Bravo near Bakersfield, California.  The color is beautiful, unfiltered, and taste divine. We won’t see product from the new harvest from Italy, Spain, Greece until after the first of the year…so California it is.  This one is the Frantoio variety, and  just the beginning of what will arrive.

New product has been ordered to accessorize the gift baskets…caramels from Big Picture Farm, Vermont made with goat’s milk.  Fastachi nuts in gift packs, dipping dishes, and accessories.

And what if you want to go the traditional way and add fabulous fruit to the choices at Olive Connection…we have a resource that can deliver hand picked fruit from our gourmet supplier.

No more same old same old…personalized service to put together all your needs.

Let us help with all your holiday needs.  Hope to see you soon before the holiday madness..

We have Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving too.  Gobble Gobble!